Construction noise

City of Canada Bay restricts the hours for construction on development sites. Approved construction hours are Monday to Saturday, 7am - 5pm. No work is allowed on Sundays and public holidays. There are also restrictions on the level of noise that can be emitted from activities such as rock breaking and earthworks.

If you believe that construction noise is causing a noise nuisance please contact the correct authority as outlined below.

Noise Source Contact
Major road or public infrastructure works eg freeways EPA Environment Line  131 500
Road construction - main roads eg Lyons Rd, Victoria Rd

Roads and Maritime Services - Road Projects
RMS Major Projects Info Line 1800 633 332

Road construction - local roads City of Canada Bay 9911 6555
Building construction City of Canada Bay 9911 6555


Lodging a noise complaint with Council

To enable Council to investigate noise complaints, please follow the link to complete an online eRequest

Return the form to Council by:

Please note:
Anonymous complaints CANNOT be investigated and if incorrect location details are supplied, Council may not be able to action your request. 

Page last updated on: 08/02/18